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“The changes were gradual but we noticed Griffin, our 12 year old golden having problems going up stairs and getting into the car” says Marcia Allen shown here with laser technitiion, Bret Casna. He was panting alot, especially when he was just walking around. We learned later that this can be a sign of pain and discomfort. We have tried a few types of prescription drug remedies, then Dr. Rghter recommended that we try laser treatments for his back and hips. It took a couple of treatments but now he is able to get in and out of the car, goes upstairs and he pants less. In general, he is much happier, we actually see him smiling."


Easton was having knee problems since 2009, he had torn his cruciate ligament. Originally his pain was managed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Easton has surgery to repair the ligament but was having a hard time with physical therapy. He then began to have swelling in other joints. He copuld hardly move, "he was breaking our hearts". Easton was also suffering fromRheumatoid Arthritis, a crippling immune disease. He began therapeutic laser treatments as his only course of treatment, and improved dramatically. In Jenny's words "Now he gets up on the window to bark at people passing by!"

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"Our dog, Jada has been a patient of Court Street Veterinary Hospital for many years. She is 13 years old. Although she is in relatively good health, she began experiencing pain and we believed it was somewhere in her back. If she turned certain ways quickly, she would yelp. We turned to Dr. Righter and Dr. Franson at Court Street for answers. We tried pain and arthritis medications, and although they helped, they didn't stop the pain. It was suggested we try l therapy on Jada. I wasn't sure she would lie quietly for treatment, but she loved it, and actually fell asleep.....and her goggles were adorable. She also loved the technicians.

Although we could do one treatment at a time, it was less expensive to pay for a package (buy 6 get one FREE). We did this twice and the results were unbelievable. Jada was back to her old self again, playful, hapopy and raring to go.

As a true believer in laser therapy, I would recommend it for any pet with arthritis pain.