Winchester Wildlife is a non profit organization.

If you have or know of an injured wild animal, you can reach Deb at 239-7338, or here at the hospital (603) 357-2455

Donations for the care of wildlife can be mailed to:

Winchester Wildlife Rehab Center

109 Watson Rd

Winchester NH 03470.

Deb Gode

has worked as a veterinary technician at the Court St Veterinary Hospital since she and her husband Ron moved to Winchester __ years ago. She and Irene Ruth wrote and published a wildlife rehabilitation book called, "Wild Mammal Babies, the First 48 Hours", which has become the "go to" book for raising wildlife.

Dr.  Righter has worked closely with Winchester Wildlife, donating time and services to treat and help facilitate the rehabilitation of countless wildlife patients, but the real work begins when these beautiful and wild animals go the the rehab center with Deb to be rehabilitated and returned to their natural environment.

Deb works tirelessly, day in and year out for these animals and most of the time the expense comes out of her very own pocket. 

Thank you Deb,

for your tireless effort and lifelong dedication!

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