Animal Laser Therapy

What is Animal Laser Therapy?

Our hospital is proud to offer Companion Therapy Laser (Class IV) to our patients. Laser therapy can be an integral part of a multimodal pain management plan: clinical studies and patient experience have proven that laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, and stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair. This means it decreases pain and can speed healing times. It’s an excellent drug-free treatment option that is extremely well tolerated by our pets.

How Animal Laser Therapy Works

After a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss the nature of your pet’s condition, a veterinary nurse will administer the treatment. It requires no sedation, and you always get to stay with your pet.

This versatile treatment can be used for: osteoarthritis, degenerative joint and disc disease, hip dyspepsia, dermatological disorders (e.g., hot sports, interdigital dermatitis, acral lick granuloma), post-operative healing (e.g., to treat incision pain and reduce inflammation before the patient wakes up), and acute traumas (e.g., sprains or strains without rediographic changes or ruptured ligaments).

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