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Animal Emergency Care

Animal Emergency Information

If you are experiencing a medical emergency during regular office hours, please call us immediately at:


We will assist you with triage over the phone and either recommend emergency referral services or prepare our team for your arrival.

After Hours Emergency Care

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Court Street Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer after-hours emergency veterinary triage to our clients through video telehealth services. The VetTriage veterinarians will provide the same level of quality care you receive during normal business hours. 

They will triage your pet to assess if you are facing an emergency that requires an immediate visit to an emergency hospital. In the event you need immediate assistance they will help you find the nearest 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency out-of-hours, please contact:

VCA Capital Area Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (CAVES)
603-227-1199 – Intervale Road, Concord, New Hampshire

Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital (VESH)
413-665-4911 – 141 Greenfield Road, South Deerfield MA

Court Street Veterinary Hospital is not a Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

CSVH is a General Practice, considered the equivalent of your human Primary Care Physician.  Emergency Care is a deeply emotional and frequently misunderstood topic. We care profoundly about our clients and patients and want to ensure you know that every professional position we take is in the best interest of your pets, including referral to outside emergency services during overnight emergencies.

Parallels are often drawn to human medicine, with many community members noting that the Emergency Room doesn’t close at night. Exactly! But we are not the ER, we are your General Practice Family Doctor; the veterinary emergency clinics are the ER and they are always available for 24-hour care.  If you were experiencing a medical emergency like cardiac arrest or severe trauma you would seek the care of the ER rather than your Primary Care Physician.  

Many perceived emergencies truly can wait until normal business hours. Ear infections, running eyes, itching & scratching are some conditions that do not require overnight emergency care.  However, consider that if your pet truly is experiencing a veterinary emergency (trauma, seizure, intense vomiting or diarrhea, lethargy, significant lacerations, etc.), then they require emergency interventions. They may require fluid therapy or oxygen therapy and round-the-clock monitoring and hospitalization. They may require emergency surgery in the middle of the night. They may require blood transfusions. Our Hospital is not staffed with surgical teams or trauma teams on stand-by overnight. We do not have the ability to hospitalize a patient overnight and perform hourly monitoring.

General Practice Veterinarians have baseline training across many veterinary disciplines, and we support the health and well-being of animals entrusted to our care with great passion and skill. But we are not boarded surgeons or critical care specialists. The best outcome for the life of your pet directly depends on having the best person trained to intervene when needed.

We rely on these veterinary emergency facilities & specialty hospitals to support us as general practitioners and they are absolutely phenomenal at their jobs. We want your pet to receive the best care possible during an emergency, so they can make a healthy recovery to come home to you.  Please understand that we love our patients, we truly want the best for your pets & the support we receive from our colleagues in the emergency field provides a powerful a team-based approach which gives your pet gold standard care! 

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