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Finding a veterinarian to care for your small exotic pets can seem overwhelming! Each bird, bunny, guinea pig, hedgehog, and sugar glider all have unique body systems, which translate into the need for individual medial care.They are often delicate species, and can become sick suddenly and without warning. Having a vet with in-depth knowledge hand hands-on experience is paramount importance to ensuring they remain healthy and happy little creatures.

Court Street Vet is thrilled to be the home of Dr. Kim Allsopp

Our own in-house exotics vet. Dr. Allsopp is a member of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, and has extensive experience caring for all manner of non-traditional pets. She has even worked (and lived!) in a zoo.

Court Street Vet is also the home of Veterinary Nurse Deb Gode, the hero behind Winchester Wildlife Rehabilitation. Deb has been with Court Street Vet for over eighteen years, and has dedicated her life to the care and treatment of local wildlife, including squirrels, skunks, rabbits, raccoons, and all manner of avian species! Deb has emerged as an authority in her field, authoring the critically well-received textbook “Wild Mammal Babies: The First 48 Hours and Beyond“.

The combination of experiences between Dr. Allsopp and Deb Gode ensure that Court Street Vet provides the best General Practitioner care available for you exotic pets.

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Court Street Vet has always been committed to providing a safe environment in which you and your pets can receive treatment while feeling comfortable and secure. We have been closely monitoring recommendations & information provided by the AVMA, the CDC/OIE, and NH Department of Health and Human Services. Our community, our people, and our pets are what is most important to us, and both your safety and your pets’ well-being remain our number one priority as we deal with the risks around COVID-19.

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