Laboratory Testing for Pets

Laboratory Testing for Pets Can Help!

You may notice that your pet hasn’t been their normal self lately; clinical signs such as weight loss, change in thirst or appetite, lethargy, or vomiting and diarrhea can all be hints that your pet may be ill. Just like humans our animals can suffer from conditions such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, hormonal disorders, cancers and immune mediated diseases.

Our Lab

We have an in-house laboratory which allows us to provide rapid diagnosis of many different diseases. We are capable of performing: complete blood counts, biochemistry profiles, electrolytes, thyroid tests, screen for heartworm & tick-borne diseases, and full urinalysis (urine sediment, urine culture, and urine chemistry).

We perform many diagnostic tests via microscope including fecal parasite testing, aspirate cytology analysis of masses / tumors, dermatology diagnostic testing, and ear cytology.

We also use multiple out of state diagnostic labs for more specialized tests that we cannot run immediately at the clinic. Your pet can undergo extensive diagnostics through our network of outside labs, without ever having to leave Keene!

Office Hours

Monday:  8:30am – 6:00pm
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Sunday:   Closed

Phone: 603-357-2455
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Court Street Vet has always been committed to providing a safe environment in which you and your pets can receive treatment while feeling comfortable and secure. We have been closely monitoring recommendations & information provided by the AVMA, the CDC/OIE, and NH Department of Health and Human Services. Our community, our people, and our pets are what is most important to us, and both your safety and your pets’ well-being remain our number one priority as we deal with the risks around COVID-19.

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