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Court Street Veterinary Hospital is equipped with a sterile surgical suite and we have a nurse monitoring anesthesia for all surgeries. We take each individual into consideration to design the right anesthetic protocol for your pet. During your pet’s operation we monitor blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm (ECG), respiration, and oxygenation. Whenever possible we ensure that all pets undergoing general anesthesia receive an intravenous catheter; this allows us to deliver fluid therapy to support blood pressure and intervene rapidly in the event of an emergency.

We are Proactive in Pain Mainagement

We feel that pets recover more rapidly and more comfortably with proper pain control. We use pre and post-operative pain control and send home oral pain packs for most routine surgeries. For more extensive surgeries we can provide constant rate IV infusions for constant pain control. Please as us if you have any questions about your pet’s anesthetic or pain control protocol.

We understand that surgery is often a significant expense and appreciate that many of our families may attempt to compare costs between hospitals. Please ensure that you’re asking detailed questions when obtaining quotes, your pet’s life depends on it! Many low-cost clinics do not offer pain control, do not intubate your animal or use gas anesthetics, do not monitor vital parameters when under anesthesia, and do not place IV catheters. Ask all doctors about their protocols, ask about their ability to intervene in an anesthetic emergency, ask if they’re doing the absolute best they can for your animal – because we are.

Day of Surgery

The following information is a more in-depth look at our surgical procedures and the care we provide during your pet’s day with us. We do everything we can to make surgery as safe and comfortable as possible for our patients.

The morning of surgery, please allow yourself 15 minutes for when you drop off your pet. During this time the front office staff or nurse will go over some paperwork with you, give you a cost estimate (if needed) and answer any questions that you may have. Each patient is given a full exam by the doctor to be sure there are no obvious clinical abnormalities that would postpone the procedure. We strongly recommend pre-anaethetic blood work for all of our patients, but require it in senior pets. This blood work alerts the doctor to any liver, kidney or blood disorders and ensures that the safest anesthetic protocol for your individual pet is selected.

The patent is given a pre-medication to lessen their anxieties and provide pain control. The patient is then given an IV anesthetic so that we are able to intubate them (place a breathing tube down the trachea) and place the patient on gas anesthetic. (sevoflurane) for the duration of the procedure. Our patients rapidly metabolite anesthetic gasses, allowing them to recover from the procedure quickly!

The patient is then prepped for surgery (the area shaved and scrubbed) and then moved to the surgery suite. Once in surgery their temperature is maintained with warm water blankets and the patient is connected to an anesthesia monitor that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, ECG, and blood pressure.

Once the procedure is completed, the patient is taken to recovery where their temperature is obtained, and they are kept warm. Each patient has a dedicated nurse that stays with them throughout recovery. Sometimes post-surgical patients receive an additional injectable pain medication to ensure they are resting comfortably and they are sent home with oral pain medications.

We will always call you after your pet’s procedure to give you an update and make a plan for discharge.


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